Himalayan field Mouse, Apodemusgurkha

Himalayan field mouse is a nocturnal andterrestrial species. This species is endemicto Nepal and is known only to be foundfrom seven locations (Gurkha, Maharigaon,Gorapani, Takucha, Larjung, Chitare andUpper Ulleri) in Central Nepal (Agrawal 2000; Molur et al. 2005) at an altitudinalrange of 2,400 to 3,500 m. This species hasbeen listed as endangered species in IUCNred list as its distribution is presumed to beseverely fragmented, and there is continuingdecline in the extent and quality of itshabitat.

In this currently ongoing project we aimto confirm the species of collected tissuesamples (ear punches) because of thephysical similarity of the Himalayan fieldmouse with other rodents of the sameMuridae family. Preliminary results showthat there are many other species resemblingappearance to Himalayan field mouse in theManang region.

The information obtained from themolecular analysis of the tissue samples andspecies identification can be used to findout the genetic divergence and estimationof divergence time of the Himalayan fieldmouse in the Mustang region of Nepal. Byfinding the genetic divergence of HimalayanField Mouse, the information can behelpful to those accessing the phylogeneticdivergence of the concerned species.