3D-printing Technology & Prosthetic Production

3D printing technology is still a very new concept in Nepal. Technologies like these are immensely useful and cost effective in the field of prosthetics. In 2016, Brian Galloway, a respected senior scientist at CMDN, was in a serious quest to print an arm for Sabita, a 15-year-old who had lost bother her arms due to an 11,000 volt high electric shock. Giving her a prosthetic limb is not only a experiment/demonstration/contribution of modern technology but also a second chance for a diligent girl like Sabita to conquer her dreams. CMDN is working to set up a fully-equipped 3D lab with multiple 3D printers so that other biomedical applications can be experimented with in the laboratory. This provides opportunities and challenged for Nepal’s students to participate in a new and cutting edge field.