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The aim of the Program is to provide university level students, recent graduates and post graduates, of all nationalities, an opportunity to gain work experience abroad by undertaking an internship in a foreign country. We are dedicated to finding you an internship that will not only complement the knowledge you have acquired in your chosen field, but that will give you a global perspective as you seek a competitive edge in achieving your career goals. Almost all of our knowledgeable staff have interned or studied abroad themselves and are available to advise you on the program that best suits your needs.


Dan Li Intern 2017

"CMDN is a very dynamic work place, where I can find public health research, wildlife research, biomedical research and plant biodiversity in one organization. I had a lot of different trainings related to public health in CMDN, such as participating in public health field work, observing in different types of labs, getting trained in GIS and bioinformatics. CMDN had a lot of ongoing projects that can make a huge impact on Nepal, such as IBBS surveys and HPV/HCV research projects. I could freely observe and be involved in any projects that interest me. CMDN also gave me new thoughts about my future career. In the past, I had never thought of becoming a researcher; however, because of CMDN, I found research work can be very interesting and meaningful. At the same time, as a global health student, CMDN helped me understand that I don’t have to restrict myself in the US. I can also participate in research work that takes places in different parts of the world. At the end, I really want to recommend other students to take their chances and intern in CMDN. I am certain that they will enjoy their time in CMDN as much as I did. "


Evelyne Nguyen Intern

"I would like to express my gratitude towards CMDN for an exceptional experience during my six-week internship.Throughout my internship, Dr. Sameerorganized activities around my research interests, from meetings with researchers, experts in diverse health disciplines, workshops and field trips in various districts. The level of expertise of the staff at CMDN allowed me to apply skills acquired during my MPH training and to further my knowledge of biostatistics, research methods, epidemiology and grant writing. While enhancing my research skills, the activities I was involved in were always safe and enjoyable. The range of projects conducted by CMDN is remarkable and has expanded my grasp of public health issues in Nepal. Participating in the Zoonotic Disease Pandemic Preparedness workshop with Mr. Dibesh Karmacharya was an unforgettable experience. I was able to meet with researchers from around the world and to contribute meaningfully by writing meeting summary notes and a newspaper article.Lastly, my stay in Nepal will remain a memorable one, thanks to Nikita and the staff at CMDN, who made sure I felt welcome and part of their team."

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