Research Utilization in Policy-making

Utilization of scientific research evidence has shown to enhance formulation and implementation of effective health policies. The Nepal Health Sector Strategy (NHSS) 2015-2020 recognizes the need to strengthen research activities in the country and promote evidence utilization in policy making process as well. However, despite important research advances in the country, together with governments’ commitment to bolster the process of research informed policy development, there has been very little progress in this field. Conclusion drawn from the limited amount of studies done in Nepal highlight lack of a proper link between producers and users of research evidence as one of the major, but surmountable barriers. Our project “Development and Implementation of Knowledge Brokering Program in Nepal to Promote Research Utilization in policy-making process” aims to establish this link through development and implementation of an integrated knowledge exchange program facilitated through mediated interaction. Knowledge Brokering (KB) has been gaining much attention as one of the Integrated Knowledge Exchange (IKE) strategies throughout the world, however it has never been tried and tested in Nepal. Our objective is to create this platform and execute activities like 1) development and management of research database 2) facilitation of knowledge exchange by fostering partnership/networking with researchers and policymakers in Nepal, and 3) Developing a Knowledge Brokering training program for the first time in the country.